Our iOS-Apps are composed of a powerful multichannel framework that is capable of handling multiple sources with multiple channels – in real-time! All apps are designed for use with external multichannel USB-audio-interfaces like those from Alesis (iO4, Multimix) or RME (Fireface) and stereo microphones (e.g. TASCAM, Røde). Of course you can also use the internal microphone or the 3.5 mm audio jack. All apps fully support Audiobus and Inter-App audio.

MC Oscilloscope – an oscilloscope with peak display, peak-to-peak, trigger, zoom and cursor features.


MC Goniometer – a goniometer with selectable X- and Y-axis channels, trigger and zoom.


MC Levels – a level meter with automatic peak display and response modes “impulse”, “fast” and “slow” – for free!


MC Sensors Icon
MC Sensors –  a powerful monitoring and analyzing toolbox for the internal sensors of your iPad or iPhone. It displays signals from the internal accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and the device rotation. You can display and analyse that data with the help of a an oscilloscope, FFT for peak frequency detection, level meter and a XY-view.

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